Digital Phone Service

Local, long-distance and international telephone calling has never been easier or more powerful than with Segment Wireless’ Digital Phone Service. This is no ordinary VoIP service, but rather employs the latest technology to deliver superior service at a fraction of the cost of traditional telephone service. Office productivity can soar with our digital phone service; just consider the following advantages:

  • Mobility – Take your phone home to another state, or to anywhere in the world and plug it into the Internet. You can make and receive phone calls just as if you were in your office.
  • Flexibility – Transfer calls from the office to your cellphone and communicate from anywhere. Send your voice mails to email and listen to them from a PC or from any phone.
  • Cost Efficiency – Get virtual phone numbers in other cities or states. Your customers, employees and remote offices can call you without toll-charges as if it were a “local” call.
  • Productivity – Would you like to add a Call Center or Remote Receptionist but have found it’s too expensive & complicated to add to your current telephone system? Segment Wireless digital phone service can empower your business to compete with the “big boys”… at a fraction of the cost.
  • Simplicity – No complicated or expensive PBX system to install and maintain
  • Scalability & Configurability. As you grow, just add a handset or additional phone numbers or other features. Make changes from a web portal. There is no costly PBX system to upgrade or replace… and no dealing with the whims of the telephone company.

Who can benefit from our Digital Phone Service? Just about any business or individual that is looking to lower costs or to increase productivity. Here are some typical examples:

Medium to Large Businesses:

Typically ranging between 6 to 30 phone numbers. Our Hosted PBX digital phone service provides all the benefits that a traditional telephone system can’t match.

Small Office / Home Office:

Typically 5 or fewer phone lines. Our Virtual Office digital phone service can lower costs by up to 30%.


Our company is Business-focused, Microwave, Wireless High-Speed Internet.  However, we can offer Residential Digital Phone Service that can free you from that expensive calling plan, bundled with your business service… and like all of our digital phone services, you can still keep your existing phone number.

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