Service Level Agreement

Technical Support:

Segment Wireless supports and monitors its service up to the Customer Demarcation point 24 hours per day. Segment Wireless Technical Support is available toll-free 24 hours per day. A Customer Ticket is opened when Segment Wireless monitors a Customer service issue or Customer reports trouble to Segment Wireless Tech Support (“Ticket Open”).

Segment Wireless Standard Installation:

Customer Standard Installation includes antenna and radios, non-penetrating sled or J-bar antenna mount, up to 250 feet of standard cable weather-sealed and run from the antenna to the Customer Demarcation, service turn-up and testing. In the unlikely event of additional installation costs, Segment Wireless will notify Customer prior to installation via email detailing such costs and Customer will have 7 days to accept additional charges or terminate this contract without penalty and receive a full refund of any payments made to Segment Wireless in connection with this Agreement. Segment Wireless owns all equipment that it supplies to the Customer. If service is discontinued for any reason, Segment Wireless has the right to remove any or all of its equipment in a workmanlike manner upon 10 days advance notice. Customer Demarcation is defined as the location where Customer plugs into the Segment Wireless equipment and is generally located in the Customer equipment room.

Access to Equipment:

The Customer agrees to allow personnel of Segment Wireless and its sub-contractors reasonable access to the Customer’s site for the purpose of installing, repairing, and removing the Segment Wireless equipment and, if necessary, Customer shall obtain appropriate authorization from the landlord.

Performance Guarantee:

If Segment Wireless’s network is not performing as stated below, Customer is entitled to a credit. The three components of the Segment Wireless Service Level Agreement are:

  • Service Availability Guarantee: Segment Wireless guarantees 99.99% network availability, annualized method.
  • Network Latency: Less than 75ms round trip delay on Segment Wireless Backbone, and less than 50ms round trip delay on Segment Wireless last mile.
  • Packet Loss: Packet Loss less than 1% on Segment Wireless Backbone.

Credit for Loss of Connectivity:

Unless stated otherwise herein, the Customer’s exclusive remedy for loss of connectivity is repair of service and credit for the period of lost connectivity to the Internet. Credits will be paid for loss of connectivity as listed below if the elapsed time from Ticket Open exceeds the following:

  • Exceeding 2 hours: 5% of monthly billed site revenue.
  • Exceeding 4 hours: 10% of monthly-billed site revenue.
  • Exceeding 6 hours: 15% of monthly billed site revenue.
  • Every subsequent 4-hour increment shall receive an additional 5% credit, the sum of which is not to exceed 100% of the total monthly bill for that location. The period of lost connectivity to the Internet shall be determined by records kept by the Segment Wireless Network Operations Center (“NOC”) and based on measurements to the Customer Demarcation.

    Segment Wireless will incur no liability and issue no credits due to any causes beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, Acts of God, War, Strikes, electrical storm, hurricane and, if needed, lack of access to its equipment at the Customer Site. All monies owed Segment Wireless and not in dispute must be paid in full before a credit is applied.

    Credits must be requested within 30 days of service outage. The Customer is responsible for providing adequate voltage surge protection with a UPS for the Segment Wireless router/equipment at the Customer Demarcation.